Kingsley Equestrian products –

the ultimate in comfort and protection for your horse

Kingsley Pads are the brainchild of Kingsley’s founder, Monica Koole who had dealt with many welfare and behavioural issues in horses, where pain was the major issue in her rehabilitation centre near Amsterdam.

She noted that a significant number of the horses referred to her were experiencing back pain and that there was a need to develop a more robust product to reduce the concussive pressure of saddle and rider upon the horses back.

A team of scientists, vets and saddle makers were tasked to find a product which could distribute saddle pressure evenly, which didn’t mould through “pressure memory”, like the traditional foam and gel based saddle pad products, thereby reducing their effectiveness. The team created the Pads from a woven 3-dimensional polyester material developed within the aerospace industry. This material when layered together created a pad strong enough to resist “memory pressure”, act as a shock absorbing layer and flexible enough so as not to restrict movement. The pyramidal structure of the fibres within this new material allows excess heat to be ventilated through the mesh structure and sweat to wick away naturally. The pads are extremely lightweight and as the material does not absorb water it ensures the pads remain so no matter what the circumstances are.

Kingsley leg protectors are a new products to be introduced to the range, using thermoplastic technology these products are able to be heat moulded to create a bespoke fit, whilst retaining the shock absorbing properties of the original fabric.

In addition to our pad range Kingsley have created an exclusive range of handcrafted leather equipment, which not only look beautiful but are ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort, without the exorbitant price tag.